Bathroom Tile Trends in 2019

Bathroom Tile Trends in 2019

The bathroom is the heart of any home. This is where people go to retreat after a long day. Today’s homeowners aren’t content with the ordinary. They want something special. It all starts with tiling that exudes delightful personality. Designers have risen to the challenge with wonderful ideas that let homeowners capture color and bring light into any space. From sophisticated color to florals and marble, contemporary tile trends offer lots of dash for any bathroom.

Sophisticated Blues

Blue has long been a favorite in the bathroom. People love this happy color. It evokes the feel of a relaxing summer day along the beach or the taste of blueberries and cream at a spring picnic. Designers are showing off many varied shades of blue for those who want tiles in a trendy and yet timeless color. There’s lots of navy that makes perfect sense for a nautical theme and works well with crisp white. Turquoise is another favorite this year. Deep hues of a turquoise call to mind sunny skies. It can be paired with soft browns to bring in additional contrast and lots of warmth.

Gorgeous Florals

Florals have long been adored by people who love gardens. They’re part of the modern bathroom tile trends that are being seen in showrooms everywhere. Small, delicate patterns with roses and other dainty flowers are also popular. They are just right for a child’s bathroom or a grownup who likes to keep in touch with her love of classic patterns. People can also use bolder, larger prints. A bold tiled print is ideal for use in a smaller bathroom. Take these tiles and use them across the bathroom walls for a truly exciting look.

Elegant Marble

Marble is right for a bathroom where luxury is in demand. Marble tiles are good for rooms where the owner seeks an upscale escape. Place marble tiles in a guest bedroom to treat your guests. Use the marble in a bathroom that needs to remain cool in the heat. Marble reminds people that quality is always front and center. Many different colors of marble are popular. The classic black and white is one that homeowners can turn to again and again for a style they know will always look good. Consider other colors to add an unexpected and yet welcome twist to any bathroom.

Art Deco Style

The nineteen twenties and thirties were a period of tremendous excitement in the arts. This is when designers sought to remake existing conventions and create something new. One of the most adored styles of the time was known as art deco. This style emphasizes the use of curved lines, lush color, and fascinating yet basic geometric shapes. Just as they did last century, designers today are using the same sense of color to create tiles for the bathroom that truly stand out. Look for curved lines that help add a touch of history and beautiful style to your personal spaces.

Herringbone Patterned Prettiness

Herringbone is a pattern that shows up in many places. Herringbone patterned tiles are very much in vogue right now. People love how they help draw the eye in and bring in a sense of motion. Herringbone patterned tiles work extremely well with many modern baths. The straight lines are ideal for those who are drawn to styles such as eclectic and industrial looks. Use tiles in two colors in the bathroom to add more color with ease. A single color also works well, especially in a larger bathroom to help add much-needed unity and progression.

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