How You Can Add Color to Your Bathroom With Tile And Flooring

How You Can Add Color to Your Bathroom With Tile And Flooring

All white bathrooms can look too sterile, and all beige bathrooms can look too generic and boring. But there are a lot of materials that you can use to make your bathroom look vibrant and appealing. Tiles are a great way to add color to your bathroom, and The Tile Emporium can help you find the perfect tiles for your bathroom.

Places to Add Tile

There are numerous places in the bathroom that you can add tile, and the place you’re tiling will impact the type of tile you use in the space. Floors, walk-in showers, and the lower half of the walls are all great places to add some color with tiles.

Tiles For Flooring

Tile and flooring go hand in hand. Ceramic, porcelain, marble, and glass are all tile materials that can be installed on the floor. Ceramic is a favorite because it’s durable and comes in a variety of colors and style. Porcelain is another option that provides durability and resistance to stains. It’s also great for flooring because it’s suitable for using with radiant-heat floors. Marble can add a touch of class, and there are some slabs that have veining that can add a pop of color to your tile and flooring. Glass tiles can be used for flooring if they have texture or are small enough that the grout lines will provide texture to avoid slipperiness. Glass tiles can look beautiful because they create a sense of dimension and can come in almost any color imaginable.

Tiles For Walk-In Showers

Ceramic and glass tiles are popular in walk-in showers. Ceramic tiles can provide a bright pop of opaque color, and they come in many sizes and shapes that you can use to add to create an elegant design. Like glass tiles on the floors, this tile materials will add dimension to your walk-in shower, and they come in a wide variety of colors and shapes. When you’re choosing the colors, look at other parts of your home and even in your wardrobe. Often, we choose to wear colors that we truly love, so this is a natural source of inspiration.

Tiles For the Lower Half of the Bathroom Walls

Any type of tile can be used on the bathroom walls, and the type you choose will determine the ambiance of the room. If you want some color in your bathroom but want it still to be updated and sophisticated, you can use slate, which will give your bathroom a high-end look. If you want to be bold, consider using tiles with a seafoam green or light blue hue. These are both nice colors because they’re still serene.

Recent Ceramic Tile Innovations

Tile and flooring have come a long way from decades past, and there are ceramic tiles that have been created to resemble a variety of high-end materials, including stones, marble, and wood. One of the most recent bathroom trends is to have ceramic tile that resembles wood planks. Placing wood floors in your bathroom isn’t advisable because wood is porous and will warp in the conditions, but ceramic tile that’s created in the rich hues of real wood adds a classy touch of color. Ceramic tile is also made into tiles that resemble marble, and the veining adds a pop of color without becoming overwhelming.

While it’s tempting to choose beige and white for your bathrooms because they never go out of style, they’re also often lackluster. There are many classy alternatives to beige and white tiles, and you can find inspiration from other parts of your home. The Tile Emporium can help you find the perfect tiles and design your bathroom to be beautifully bold.

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