Transform Your Backyard And Pool Area Into An Inviting Oasis With The Right Tile

Transform Your Backyard And Pool Area Into An Inviting Oasis With The Right Tile

Pool Area And Backyard Tiles: An Inviting Oasis

In the heat of summer, you don’t just want any backyard and pool area; you want an escape – a mini oasis that relaxes you. It should also double as an entertaining space for family and friends. The secret to a budget-friendly, fantastic transformation? Tile!

Pool area and backyard tiles are a great way to elevate your space without having to undergo major work. There is no need to structurally change anything major with an aptly-chosen tile and design.

Why choose tile?

There are two main reasons to use pool area and backyard tiles rather than other materials when renovating your space:

1. Durability
2. Design

Tiles come in a variety of materials, all of which are designed to withstand outdoor elements including sunlight, heat and water. They tend to have a more heavy-duty finish which helps them last longer. Tiles also tend to need less work when it comes to upkeep and maintenance.

Second to durability is the overall design that tiles can give to your outdoor space. Unlike mulch or sod, tiles are sleek, stunning, and instantly elevate any area. If you’re looking for an oasis, tile should be your go-to product.

What tile works best for me?

There are a variety of tiles available for use and finding the best one will depend on what your project looks like. If you are lining a wall or non-walking surface, there are different textures (such as slate) that can add dimension to your space. If you are looking to build out a deck area, or a patio, Mexican or Travertine paving tile will be a smooth, more natural flowing selection.

Regardless of the intended use, the most common type of tile used outside is a natural stone. Options for natural stone can include:

– Quartz

– Limestone

– Granite

– Sandstone

– Travertine

It never hurts to contact your local experts to see what options are available for you. We at the Tile Emporium offer a selection of tiles for both indoor and outdoor use. Walking through a showroom such as ours will most likely inspire you while their experts provide insight and offer suggestions.

Installation Tips

Your work will begin long before installing the pool area and backyard tiles. In order to make the entire process run smoothly, here are a few tips to keep you on the right track.

Tip #1 Get Inspiration

Before you start to shop around for materials it is good to have an idea of the finished product in mind. Look up backyard oasis designs online and find a few that best match your current layout. Start to compile a list of a few features or colors that you envision in your own home.

Tip #2 Educate Yourself

Once you have some ideas of what you would like to do, consult with your local experts. At the Tile Emporium, we will help you select the right materials for your work. Contacting a local contractor or two for quotes and a timeline is also a good thing to do once you have your ideas narrowed down.

Tip #3 Plan Ahead

Depending on how much tile and renovation you plan on doing, your project may take a day or two, or weeks. Make sure to give yourself enough time to allow for the unexpected. Remember, the end result will be well worth it!

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